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KIDSLIFE - Jeanette Baylor-Nard

KidsLife is our children ministry ages 3-12 where children can have a “great big life with a great big God.”  A place where faith, imagination, learning, and loving God is cool and kids rule!  Children ages 3-12.


TEENSLIFE - Michael & Shuwanika Joiner

TeensLife is a Junior and Senior High School ages 10-18 Leadership Program to provide student ministry experience, as well as developing them into high impact leaders in multiple facets of ministry. TeensLife is high voltage!



YoungAdultLifeLife is our young adults & college ministry ages 19-30 that reaches college students connecting them with the presence of God!


WOMENSLIFE - First Lady Kimberly S. Nard

WomensLife help women discover themselves & bond in panel discussions and relevant teaching from a woman’s perspective. Women gather with opportunities to connect with other women.


MENSLIFE - Pastor Tommy W. Nard, Sr.

MensLife is a life-impacting ministry for men, focusing on the transformation of their hearts, resulting in living the victorious lives of Godly men and becoming disciples for Christ.


MARRIEDLIFE SOCIAL - Shelly & Linda Williams

MarriedLife Socials help fireproof your passion for marriage. Join other couples for a night of laughter, small groups, field trips, creative videos and a practical message that will help you have a healthier and more successful marriage. 






























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