FLC (Reentry-Reconvene) Service Implementation Plan

Our Phase 1 Plan of Action:
There will be one service in the main sanctuary and live stream at 10:00 AM.


1. Membership will register by texting the short code to 71441 to help the attendance for setting accommodations. Short code will be texted to membership before the reentry-reconvene date to confirm attendance.

2. Short code will have statement that encourages members to stay at home if they are not comfortable to attend, at-risk, feel ill, flu-like symptoms or recent diagnosis of COVID19.

Mask Up Promotion

This will be an intentional promotion to encourage members that wearing a mask in church is the new acceptable norm.

1. Countdown to Reentry-Reconvene Sunday (7 days out) to encourage attendance.

2. What to Expect Video. (this video will explain new entrance, seating and worship procedures)

3. Digital letter to membership upon reentry-reconvene date.



Due to the intensity of the logistics on all aspects we have rethought our operations for safety and sanitation. Excellence Team (Helps) Ministry leaders will be trained on new sanitation procedures.

1. Staff walk through of all aspects of service (Offering, seating, entrance, hand sanitizer location, designating entrances, offering processes.

2. Building cleaning process before, during and after service and restrooms cleaned before and after each Sunday service.


3. The front door is the designated entrance to enter the building.

4. Praise Team, Volunteers and Excellence team leaders will have temperature check-in prior to service. If fever is detected praise team, volunteers and excellence teams leaders will not be able to serve.

5. All microphones will be sterilized before and after each service. There is no praise team sharing of microphones which includes the pastor and first lady microphones. 

6. Designated signs to remind people of washing hands and six feet social distancing.

7. Close off the alternating chairs that are not available to sit to control social distancing

Actual Service (absolutely no one is made to feel uncomfortable based upon their conviction on when to return. Some members have underlining medical conditions that could put them in harms way. We are encouraging members with these conditions to stay safe and return when they are comfortable)


1. Upon reentry of the building all membership temperature will be checked to secure the safety of other attendees. No one will be able to attend worship if fever is detected.

2. Length of worship will be shortened to last no longer than 1hour and thirty minutes.

3. Maintain online audience with intentional engagement.

4. No children or teen separate services so there will be intentional engagement of younger generations.

5. There are not to be any hugging, hi fives and touching other family members during worship.

6. There will be less chairs in the sanctuary than normal to maintain social distancing. For distancing, the chairs are separated six feet apart for individuals,  and chairs are grouped in fours for families to sit together.  (please click here for seating chart) 

Pre-Service Experience

We want to encourage members to arrive early for proper seating and temperature checks while maintaining social distance so we will have a full pre-service experience.

1. Offering will continue to be done online and those who need envelopes special accommodations will be made. Envelopes may be distributed upon entering building and members will place in gold offering container provided in the designated area of the church.

2. Have mask available for membership if they don’t bring one. This will be given for free. Gloves are also free but available upon request.

Important Information

1. Families can sit together with six feet or two seats empty on both sides.


Prayer & Cleansing Campaign

Family Life will entered a 14-Day of Prayer & Cleansing Campaign leading up to the reentry Sunday. These 14-Days will prepare us for Kiononia, "fellowship," “contribution,” “sharing,” and “participation" which can be found in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27. (Click here to read)


Click link for "very special" letter from Pastor: (reentry-reconvene fellowship letter)


Click link for prayer & cleansing guide: (prayer & cleansing guide)