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I beat a tumor the size of an orange! In my book is my personal healing Scriptures that I recommend. As you meditate on these promises, you will change from mental acceptance to belief. When this happens, you tap into a supernatural gateway called the Kingdom of Heaven. As you meditate on this list of Scriptures, faith and healing will no longer be a secret to your health challenge.


Here’s the truth: Sickness is already forbidden in heaven and in Jesus’ name, you must forbid sickness by naming the specific condition in your body to align with the Word of God!


Here’s another truth: Sickness is a weapon of the enemy, so you must make your daily confessions. I encourage you to stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, having on the breastplate of righteousness. Make this confession daily. Anything is possible if you believe, and you are becoming what you believe!


Here’s another truth: You must meditate with the applied knowledge of Jesus believing that our Father sent Jesus to die for your sins and confess Him out loud as your Lord and Savior asking Him to live in you.


Here’s another truth: You receive deeper practical knowledge by reading the Word daily, praying in tongues daily and living a life of praise and worship. God is still healing, and He wants to heal you today! My personal challenge will inspire hope, strengthen your faith, and illustrate the Father’s desire to heal and restore wellness. You can beat it!

Pastor Kimberly S. Nard


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