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Pastors Tommy & Kimberly Nard, Sr.

The Game Changer, Senior Pastors Main Campus


Our Pastor, Tommy W. Nard, Sr., has been pastoring Family Life Church of Shreveport since November 1997 and he is the Pastor and Founder.  He is a man of integrity.  A native of Shreveport, Louisiana and he knows that it profits a man nothing to gain all the fame and fortunes of this world and forfeit his soul. 


He is committed to ministering the Word of God, and as a “GAME CHANGER” he has dedicated his life to winning the lost to Jesus and making disciples of the saved (John 8:30-32).  Through the anointing of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, Pastor Nard expounds on the Word of God bringing clarity and making God's Word applicable and relevant to the hearer.


Pastor Tommy and his wife Kimberly have four beautiful children; Dimitry, (wife Jeanette) Tommy, Jr., Tasashama, and John-Isaac.



Kimberly (Pastor K) has been his wife for 33 years.  She is diligent in helping and serving. She is a loving pastor’s wife and she spends quality time teaching other women how to love their husbands and prepare for marriage. She beat a tumor the size of an orange in 2013 that was surgically removed on August 15, 2013. She is a walking miracle! She recovered quickly with no speech or physical therapy…glory to God! She is a new person!


Pastor K made the commitment to glorify God and despite the intrusion of unwanted circumstances, she’s back in the GAME. She is a praying woman and if you want the truth, she is always willing to share her thoughts.  With a kingdom agenda, she supports her husband because she knows he has a proven track record of always doing his best. Pastor K is a GAME CHANGER! Email:

Pastors Dimity & Jeanette Baylor-Nard

Assistant Pastor & Lady


Pastor Dimitry T. Baylor-Nard is married to Jeanette J. Baylor-Nard and has two children, Haleigh and Dimitry Jr. They were licensed as ministers to preach the gospel in 2004 and later ordained as elders in 2010 under the leadership of Senior Pastor Tommy W. Nard, Sr. Pastor Dimitry currently serve as Assistant Pastor of Family Life Church of Shreveport, with a desire to see families empowered to live in the Kingdom of God! 


They were married on November 5, 2005. Pastor Dimitry is a graduate of Grambling State University Bachelor of Science and Pastor Jeanette is a graduate of Louisiana State University Shreveport Bachelor of Liberal Arts. They both have the Desire, Dedication, and Determination to see the Kingdom of God active in the lives of people!

Pastor Dimitry:    


Pastor Jeanette:

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