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Tommy W. Nard, Sr., Senior Pastor

Kimberly S. Nard, Pastor

Where Eagles Gather International (click logo for website) is an Association of Independent Ministries that build kingdom connections networking pastors with like precious faith. We believe our mission is to minister to the needs of pastors both natural and spiritual; fathering & mothering assisting in church growth and spiritual development.


W.E.G. connections empower sons and daughters with wisdom to be more effective in the kingdom ministry.  We empower Prophetic and Apostolic generations to stand and be an exceeding great army. We are equipped by the Holy Spirit to bring cutting-edge transformation to people of influence. We require dedication to integrity, spirit of excellence and personal commitment to furthering the Kingdom of God. W.E.G. will challenge pastors to enlarge the vision that will catapult you to new levels of increase, exploits and success in your God-given endeavors.


Kimberly and I strongly believe that God has the power to restore individuals to their fullest potential. God has called us to go beyond the four walls of Family Life Church and father those who may be burn out from the working of ministry and those who are disgusted within their personal lives, those who don't know where to turn, W.E.G. is the place for restoration! 


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